Water, Whiskey, and Wine

3 sections and 4 activities Icon location Ohiopyle, PA, USA
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Enjoy a day of soft-adventure as you ramble down a Historic River, learn about the distilling process and the Rebellion that led to a Revolution, sip the fruit of the vine in a Nectar Garden, and indulge in a Smorgasbord at a Tea Room.

Outdoor Adventure

Historic Float Trip: Wilderness Voyageurs

Icon location Connellsville, PA 15425, USA
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Relive the stories of the French and Indian war, the Coal and Coke Industry, how our region was once rich with industrial ambition resulting in magnificent architecture and long standing history. While this soft-adventure trip is seasonal, it is a true experience to embrace the scenery, history and the river that runs through it all. Trip departs in Connersville.


Indoor History

West Overton Museum

Icon location West Overton Village, 109 W Overton Rd, Scottdale, PA 15683, USA
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After departing from your river adventure, take a short drive to the only intact pre-Civil War village still standing in Pennsylvania. West Overton is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and hosts over a dozen structures dating back to the 1800's. An industrial village turned masterpiece offers an intriguing museum with displays educating and commemorating the Coal and Coke Industry, local Civil War impacts, the Whiskey Rebellion, and we celebrate the origin of the storied Monongahela Rye Whiskey. Cheers!

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Historic Refreshments

Greendance Winery at Sand Hill Berries

Icon location Greendance The Winery at Sandhill, 306 Deerfield Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
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Travel further into the pleasant valleys of the Laurel Highlands to embrace the beauty of this local winery, Greendance - The Winery at Sand Hill Berries. Indulge in a delicious fresh-made dessert in the Nectar Garden. Spend time shopping the delicacies at the Farm Store, embrace a sampling of the vine with a wine tasting, and simply enjoy the beauty of this bountiful landscape!

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Oakhurst Tea Room

Icon location Oakhurst Grille & Event Center, 2409 Glades Pike, Somerset, PA 15501, United States
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Dating back to the days of the Whiskey Rebellion and travel along the Glades Pike, Oakhurst Tea Room earned it's name as a cover for a venue used by gentlemen to escape the restrictions of prohibition. It is told that illegal liquor would be masked by being served in tea pots, thus gaining notoriety as the 'tea room'. Today it is a bustling restaurant offering a tempting Smorgasbord Buffet and much more.