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After one visit to Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands, you'll soon put our region at the top of your "Repeat Destinations" list.

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A Journey Along the National Road Heritage Corridor

Time has a way of making us more aware of our surroundings. Take a journey along Route 40, the National Road Heritage Corridor. Experience incredible history and take in the fineries that make PA's Laurel Highland's destination worthy.

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Pleasant Mount Pleasant and More

Amidst the foothills of the mountains in the Laurel Highlands lies a pleasant town rich in history, hospitality, and honor.


Water, Whiskey, and Wine

Enjoy a day of soft-adventure as you ramble down a Historic River, learn about the distilling process and the Rebellion that led to a Revolution, sip the fruit of the vine in a Nectar Garden, and indulge in a Smorgasbord at a Tea Room.


Women at the Wheel Tour: Along the Historic Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

For a long time, a woman's place was in the home; she kept busy taking care of the family. Oftentimes, it meant long hours at the spinning wheel. But, at the turn of the 20th century, a different kind of wheel got her attention. The automobile set women on the road toward greater freedom and work opportunities. Some little known facts about Women at the Wheel: In 1916, the Girl Scouts started their 'Automobiling Badge' for girls who could demonstrate their driving skill, basic auto mechanics, and first-aid skills. Henry Ford began hiring widows and single women in 1922 to work in his automobile factory 'so they could dress attractively and get married'. In 1955, Dodge introduced the La Femme - a pink, two-door coupe for women, featuring a matching pink calf-skin purse! The beloved Ford Mustang was created not as a muscle car, but to reach the female market. Who knew? In 1984, out with the station wagon, in with the mini-van by Chrysler. The term 'soccer mom' was coined as mothers had a roomy vehicle with easy access to haul kids, sports equipment, and groceries.